Early Bird discounted tickets are available through September 5 2016.

Albino Skunk Music Festival  2016 Ticket Prices

October 6, 7 & 8, 2016

(EB) Thursday + Friday + Saturday ADULT | $104

(EB) Thursday + Friday + Saturday YOUTH** | $48

Friday + Saturday ADULT | $89

Friday + Saturday YOUTH** | $42

Thursday ADULT | $37

Thursday YOUTH** | $18

Friday ADULT | $47

Friday YOUTH** | $23

Saturday ADULT | $51

Saturday YOUTH** | $23

Skunk Ranger (All Access VIP pass) | $325

General Camping | $30

RV/Trailer Camping | $60

DeTour de Skunk Registration | $40

[available RV/Trailer sites are listed at the bottom of this page]

 **youth (ages 12-16) must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older – children 11 and under free!

All sales are FINAL.  SkunkFest does not offer refunds of any kind.

General Ticket Information:

Three Day/Two Day/One Day Tickets | We sell tickets for individual days of the festival and for multiple days including Two Day (Friday & Saturday) and Full three-day passes (Thursday-Friday- Saturday).

Discounted Advance Ticketing | We offer substantially reduced pricing for Three-Day advanced ticket purchasers.  Our “Real Early Bird” discounted pricing will be in effect through July 2016.  Single-Day and Two-Day tickets are also offered but are not discounted.

Skunk Ranger | The Skunk Ranger Pass is a VIP package for our dedicated SkunkFans.  Included in the Skunk Ranger VIP Pass is a full Festival Pass (Thursday through Saturday), VIP Parking, full Backstage access (which includes food and beverage*), a Festival t-shirt and use of a SkunkFarm festival chair throughout the festival (sit where you’d like!)  (*Food includes lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and dinner.  Beverage includes beer and limited wine selection.)

Youth Tickets | Youth tickets are ONLY available with an accompanying Adult ticket purchase.  PURCHASES NOT ACCOMPANIED BY ADULT TICKET PURCHASES WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.  Wristbands will be issued to Youths (12-16) only when accompanied by a ticketed adult.  Children 11 and under are FREE!

Camping Passes | We sell General camping passes and RV/Trailer camping passes.  Please note, generators are now allowed ONLY in the RV/Trailer Lots.  General camping passes allow you to camp in designated primitive camping areas of the SkunkFarm and are sold PER VEHICLE.  RV/Trailer camping passes allow you to bring an RV or Trailer and camp in numbered sites in our North, South and Blueberry Hill RV Lots.  A trailer in such lots may may be accompanied by ONE vehicle – if that vehicle fits within the limits of your site.  Additional vehicles, oversized vehicles and/or vehicles towing trailers may park in the main parking lot or the lot outside the South RV Lot. Please see our camping page for other important details on camping & for a map of our RV sites.

Available RV/Trailer Sites:


LotSiteSize (feet)Available?
South 1 19' x 35'SOLD
South 2 19' x 35'SOLD
South 3 19' x 35'SOLD
South 4 19' x 35'SOLD
South 5 20' x 40'SOLD
South 6 20' x 40'SOLD
South 7 20' x 40'SOLD
South 8 20' x 40'SOLD
South 9 20' x 40'SOLD
South 10 20' x 40'SOLD
South 11 20' x 40'SOLD
South 12 20' x 40'SOLD
South 13 18' x 30'SOLD
South 14 18' x 30'SOLD
South 15 20' x 30'SOLD
South 16 20' x 30'SOLD
South 17 20' x 30'SOLD
South 18 20' x 30'SOLD
South 19 20' x 30'SOLD
South 20 20' x 30'SOLD
South 21 20' x 32'SOLD
South 22 20' x 32'SOLD
South 23 20' x 32'SOLD
South 24 20' x 32'SOLD
South 25 20' x 32'SOLD
South 26 20' x 35'SOLD
South 27 20' x 35'SOLD
South 28 20' x 35'SOLD
South 29 20' x 35'SOLD
South 30 20' x 35'SOLD
South 3120' x 35'SOLD
South 32 20' x 35'SOLD
LotSiteSize (feet)Available?
North50 20' x 32'SOLD
North51 20' x 32'SOLD
North52 20' x 32'SOLD
North53 20' x 32'SOLD
North54 20' x 32'SOLD
North55 20' x 32'SOLD
North56 20' x 32'SOLD
North57 20' x 32'SOLD
North58 20' x 32'SOLD
North59 20' x 35'SOLD
North60 20' x 35'SOLD
North61 20' x 35'SOLD
North62 20' x 35'SOLD
North63 20' x 35'SOLD
North64 20' x 35'SOLD
North65 20' x 35'SOLD
North66 20' x 32'SOLD
North67 20' x 32'SOLD
North68 20' x 32'SOLD
North69 20' x 32'SOLD
North70 20' x 35'SOLD
North71 20' x 35'SOLD
LotSiteSize (feet)Available?
Blueberry Hill81 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill82 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill83 20' x 25'SOLD
Blueberry Hill84 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill85 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill86 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill87 20' x 30'AVAILABLE
Blueberry Hill88 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill89 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill90 20' x 30'SOLD
Blueberry Hill91 20' x 30'AVAILABLE