new this year

Listen up folks!  We’ve made some changes for SkunkFestivities!

Showers We’re excited to announce that we have two public showers on the property!  Showers are located in the general camping area.

Glass Bottles We have always allowed folks to bring their own coolers and refreshments and will continue to do so.  We’re having an issue with broken glass bottles, so glass bottles are not allowed on the property. There are many fine brews available in cans plus we’ll have a delicious craft beer selection by Community Tap. We’re also excited to announce that Dark Corner Distillery and Six & Twenty Distillery will also have booths set up!

Smoking | Use of Tobacco Products is prohibited in Listening Area, Kiddie Land and Food Area. If you choose to partake in these habits, we ask that you restrict usage to your private camping area.  And don’t forget that no one likes a litter-bug, so make sure to deposit your butts (and other left-overs) in the trash receptacles.

Generators Generators are allowed ONLY in the RV Lots.  Generators may be used in the RV North Lot anytime and in the RV South Lot ONLY when the stage is shut down.  Excessively loud generators have drawn complaints and are not allowed at any time.  Generators should be rated at 70db or less, and no commercial generators should be used.

Campsite Music | Our campers enjoy hearing the music from the stage throughout the SkunkFarm.  Please be respectful of your camping neighbors, and do not play amplified music loud enough to disturb your neighbors’ campgrounds.  And please refrain from playing ANY amplified music after midnight.